What is frogMob?

An experimental method of guerilla research developed by global innovation firm frog design, frogMob is based on the idea that anyone can channel their inner design researcher by looking for inspiration from everyday life. Tapping into frog’s global networks and the broader community, frogMob encourages people from all over the world to submit their photos and stories to help us take a quick pulse on emerging trends that can inform our design process.


  • Rapid / 2 weeks or less from call for research to synthesis
  • Visual / focuses on visual storytelling
  • Lightweight / no audio/video recordings
  • Open / anyone can participate
  • Distributed / outreach to participants around the globe

  • How to Participate

    1. Keep it visual. A primary goal of this study is to get as many photos as possible.
    2. Be original. All photos must be your own: no stock photography or published database images.
    3. Make it conversational. Whenever possible, talk to people. Save notes/quotes along with your pictures.
    4. Keep it simple. No reams of notes or audio/video recordings to help us streamline analysis and synthesis.
    5. Make it quick. All photos and insights due back within one week.
    6. Share your findings. Upload and tag your photos to the active frogMob.
    7. To see examples, please view the synthesized results of past frogMobs.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Should you submit your photos to frogMob, we respect your privacy. You own the rights to your content and we won’t share your personal information without your express permission. Submissions are voluntary and unpaid. For details on terms and conditions, please go to: http://frogmob.frogdesign.com/terms-of-use.html or email frogmob@frogdesign.com.